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Xiangtan Hongda Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, with a total area of 108000 square meters and a total asset of over 1 billion yuan. It is a vacuum coating solution provider that integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, and technical services in all fields. The company's main products serve the industrial chain of 5G new displays, photovoltaic new energy, microelectronics and semiconductors, and are applied in fields such as mobile phones, vehicles, precision optics, intelligent wearables, smart homes, solar photovoltaics, building energy conservation, healthcare, aviation, etc. In 2021, sales exceeded 600 million yuan.


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Since its establishment, the company has been a leading enterprise in the vacuum coating equipment industry and one of the few enterprises in the industry with the ability to design and integrate coating production line equipment as a whole. It has..

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