Three chamber magnetron sputtering coating machine (reaction sputtering type)


Three chamber and multi chamber magnetron sputtering coating equipment:

The three chamber magnetron sputtering coating machine is a highly compatible device that adopts reactive sputtering mode, suitable for film (NCVM), car (AR), 3D car (AR), and AR+AF. It can prepare different film layers such as NB2O5, SIO2, SI3N4, SIH, Cr, In, and is compatible with 3D shaped car glass.

◆ Workpiece rotation: 1~120r/min infinitely adjustable

Extreme vacuum:<2.0E-4Pa

◆ Film uniformity: ≤ 1% (T Max. - Tmin.)/(T Max.+Tmin.)

Effective coating size:

HD-SCK1600 effective sputtering height 850mm

HD-SCK1800 effective sputtering height 1250mm

HD-SCK1800 effective sputtering height 1500mm

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