Four chamber magnetron sputtering coating machine AR+DLC+AF


Four chamber and multi chamber magnetron sputtering coating equipment:

HD-SSCK1600-ICP is a highly compatible device that mainly produces AR+DLC+AF, NCVM+DLC+AF, and is compatible with filters such as film (NCVM), in car, camera superhard AR, IR-CUT, and facial recognition products.

The equipment coating process room is not empty, and the functional coating chambers are separated, without mutual pollution. The stability and repeatability are excellent, and the whole drum translation continuous method is adopted, saving the time for extraction and venting, greatly improving production efficiency.

◆ Workpiece rotation: 1~120r/min infinitely adjustable

Extreme vacuum:<2.0E-4Pa

◆ Film uniformity: ≤ 1% (T Max. - Tmin.)/(T Max.+Tmin.)

Effective coating size: Φ 1600mm * H800

◆ Features: Four functional chambers, non polluting each other, and modular adjustments can be made for single chamber functions.

Standard configuration: CM1: pre-treatment room (plasma), CM2: optical coating room (AR, NCVM, etc.), CM3 room: DLC coating room, CM4 room: AF evaporation room

Advantage products: AR+DLC+AF; NCVM+DLC+AF steel velvet wear-resistant 5000 times, water droplet angle greater than 100 degrees, Mohs hardness>8 (500g)

Since its establishment, the company has been a leading enterprise in the vacuum coating equipment industry and one of the few enterprises in the industry with the ability to design and integrate coating production line equipment as a whole. It has..

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