Single optical coating machine HD-CK1800H


Single optical coating machine HD-CK1800H:

HD-CK1800H is a vertical monomer magnetron sputtering coating equipment mainly suitable for preparing SIO2, NB2O5, Cr, In, AF and other film layers on substrates such as PET, composite plates, and glass, as well as AR, AF, NCVM and other products,

◆ Workpiece rotation: 1~30r/min infinitely adjustable

Extreme vacuum:<5.0E-4Pa

◆ Model and effective coating size:

Effective sputtering size of HD-CH1800:? 1800 * H1200mm

Effective sputtering size of HD-CK1800H:? 1800 * H1450mm

◆ Film uniformity: ≤ 1.5% (T Max. - Tmin.)/(T Max.+Tmin.)

Since its establishment, the company has been a leading enterprise in the vacuum coating equipment industry and one of the few enterprises in the industry with the ability to design and integrate coating production line equipment as a whole. It has..

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