Three chamber magnetron sputtering coating machine (ICP ionization type)


Three chamber magnetron sputtering coating machine (ICP ionization type):

The three room magnetron sputtering coating machine is a highly compatible device that adopts ICP post ionization mode, with high coating efficiency. It is suitable for making filters such as NCVM, car mounted, camera superhard AR, IR-CUT, and facial recognition products. Different film layers such as NB2O5, SIO2, SI3N4, SIH, Cr, In can be prepared. The coating process room is not empty, and the stability and repeatability are excellent. The whole drum translation continuous method is adopted, saving extraction and bleeding time, greatly improving production efficiency. Compatible with 3D shaped car glass.

◆ Workpiece rotation: 1~120r/min infinitely adjustable

Extreme vacuum:<2.0E-4Pa

◆ Film uniformity: ≤ 1% (T Max. - Tmin.)/(T Max.+Tmin.)

Effective coating size:

HD-SCK1600-ICP effective sputtering height 850mm,

The effective sputtering height of HD-SCK1800-ICP is 1250mm

HD-SCK1800H-ICP effective sputtering size 1500mm

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